There are a several different ways to find warrant and court case information on an individual. The first way to check on an arrest warrant depends on whether or not the individual's bond has been determined. This can be done through V.I.N.E Victim Information and Notification Everyday. You can search for a person with the full name and birth date, if the individual is in the database you should be able to get bond and court case information. If you need more information on the person you can call the toll free number provided for the state you live in. You can also register to receive updates for the person in question.

However, you may need more information or the V.I.N.E service may not have them in their database (that does not mean they don't have an arrest warrant). Another option is go to county website in which the warrant was issued and search for warrant information. You could call or go to the court house and inquire on the individual. They will direct you on how to find out the information you are looking for. Additionally you can search your local law enforcement, city, and state websites. This may not always be free, but it will probably be the most inexpensive way to find said information. You will usually the person's full name, date of birth and city of residence.

The above ways can be time staking and difficult, so there are some online services that can search nationwide for active arrest warrants. There are several websites that offer information. Most of these websites will do a full back background check on the individual. Most websites will charge anywhere from to and these are usually for memberships usually lasting about a year long. One site that offers a comprehensive nationwide search is Court Registry. Background checks. civil court records, public records, arrest reports, warrant searches, sex offender reports, and much more. Another useful site is US SEARCH. This site is relatively inexpensive and offers comprehensive people searches in addition to background checks. Finally, if the warrant is for you, you can ask a peace officer. I would not recommend going this route, but it is an option.

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