An authorization letter is needed to release personal information to a group, organization or to anyone other than the named person. When thinking about authorization letters, four main types come to mind. The first is for release of medical records, the second is for release of financial information, the third is for releasing information to an attorney and lastly, to release student's records. All forms require a brief paragraph outlining what needs to be done and also the person's signature and a printed name. Most times, these forms do not need to be notarized. When a person is changing physicians, a sample letter must be given to their current physician giving them permission to forward or send the medical records to the new physician. The authorization should include the patient's name, new doctor and the types of records to be sent, which in this case is usually all records. Sometimes these authorizations are required if one is going to a specialist such as a cardiologist or other medical speciality.

If one is applying for a loan, mortgage or other major monetary dealing, an authorization letter is quite often required. This simply states that the institution which you use such as a bank can give your records to another financial institution. In the business world credit scores are very important, once again an authorization letter or sometimes they are referred to as releases must be completed. Quite often a blanket authorization letter can be used so it is not necessary to do a separate authorization for each institution. Should one be involved in a legal matter, many times an attorney will request an authorization letter from you. This will enable the attorney to get records from your prior attorney or from a medical institution, former employer or other institution. The attorneys will be able to explain to you exactly what type of authorization is required and in many cases, help prepare one for you. Lastly, is the release of student information. A parent becomes involved in this with the child's first class trip. An authorization is required to give the school permission to take the student on a trip. As the child applies to college, an authorization is needed from the parents to allow the school to share the student's records with colleges, universities and trade schools.