The procedure for setting up and installing the Starsat receiver is very simple. You do not need to read and refer to the user manual as all the instructions appear on the screen itself when you connect it to power. The Starsat receiver has a pre-programmed transponder that is very sophisticated and up to date. This enhances the speed of the satellite and this is the reason why this receiver is so much in demand today. It also has the unique quick channel facility and it also has a graphic user interface of 256 colors. This receiver supports eight languages which are Italian, English, French, Russian, German, Polish, Persian, and Arabic and it has the ability to store 1000 languages more. In order to install the Starsat receiver for the first time you require answering some questions that come on the screen. These questions are not complicated and you need not have to be afraid of answering them. There are language options and you can select your preferred language to answer the questions successfully. Not only you can select the preferred language for the menu but you can also choose your preferred audio and subtitle language preference too. You can also list other satellites according to name and location. The installation procedure is not a complicated one and you need not to refer the manual a number of times. You have the option of Easy Installment that helps you to get the set up done easily. The instructions are very simple and you do not need to be nervous of setting up the receiver by yourself. In order to protect the receiver from children you have the facility to alter the default code of 0000 and change it. If you are searching for the settings option of your Starsat receiver then you can press the "I" button on the screen. You can determine the channel's video, PCR, tele text, symbol rate, package name and a host of other features with this option. You can also determine the number of audio carriers that are available too. Thus, in the above manner you can set up the Starsat receiver simply without any.