Bonanza Bus is a line of buses that operate regionally in the Northeast. Popular routes serviced by Bonanza Bus Lines include most areas of New England, Boston and New York. Bonanza Bus has been around for four decades and has continued to grow as roads have become busier and busier and cars and fuel have become more and more costly. Traveling by bus is a great way to travel in a comfortable and relaxing environment without the worries of keeping your eyes on the road, dealing with other drivers or stopping for gas. With so many cars on the road these days, traveling by bus can often be faster than by car, and almost certainly less of a headache. Recently acquired by Peter Pan Bus Lines, another major bus operator in the Northeast and one of the most recognized names in bus travel, Bonanza Bus continues it's four decade old tradition of comfort and timely, efficient service. Long time Bonanza Bus customers can now also take advantage of the additional routes offered by Peter Pan Bus under the convenience of one company. Bonanza Bus coaches offer a high degree of passenger comfort. Buses are outfitted with television screens for entertainment that show quality family oriented programming. Buses also have seats that recline so that travelers can shut their eyes and catch some well deserved sleep on the way to their destinations. Who wouldn't rather rest than be hunched over a steering wheel for hours, especially with the highway conditions and weather in the Northeast sometimes! Buses are a great alternative to flying to, especially for a regional destination. Who wants to sit at a New York airport for a flight to Boston? With the delays fliers often experience these days, one might be waiting longer for the flight to leave than it would have taken to go from New York to Boston by bus. Up to date route and schedule information is available online so travelers can easily find current information at any time of the day. Information and tickets are also available by phone or at one of the many Bonanza Bus and Peter Pan Bus ticket counters found throughout the Northeast.